The sections below describe my research interests. If you are student who is interested in working with me on my research, please see here.

Computer Science

Some specific topics that I am interested in include:

Faith-Ethics-Science-Policy Dynamics

I am interested in the interaction between science and policy, with particular attention paid to the roles of faith and ethics in the interactions and a focus on environmental issues. The blog and website that supports my book, The Nature of Environmental Stewardship, summarizes my work in this area.

Atmospheric Sciences

Generally, I am interested in the interaction of "small-scale" phenomena with large-scale dynamics. How do the two influence each other? To what extent are the small-scale phenomena parameterizable, that is representable to the large-scale without being explicitly simulated? To that end, I am involved in diagnosing and developing parameterizations as well as general efforts at improving climate models. Some specific topics that I am interested in include:

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