My Libraries

These are libraries of Fortran, IDL (Interactive Data Language), and Python routines I've written (unless otherwise noted) and that I'm making available to the general public. Although I've used these routines in my own research, I cannot guarantee that they will work for your purposes. More disclaimers and other fine print is given on the home pages of the respective libraries:

If you email me your email address, however, I'll let you know of any major bugs that are found in these libraries.

Other Libraries

Below are libraries and packages I have made contributions to (either in code and/or documentation), but which I am not assuming final responsibility for maintenance and support. (This may be because I am not the primary author or because the package was/eventually will be team-developed.)

  • modelutil: A Python package of model utilities for climate modeling
  • QTCM1: The Neelin-Zeng Quasi-Equilibrium Tropical Circulation Model
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