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Leonidas Chocolates: Comments and Critiques

  • Taster P (legal editor)

    Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004


    I had occasion to try fresh Leonidas chocolates while I was in Brussels. (There are Leonidas chocolate shops in DC, NYC, and elsewhere in the U.S. & Canada. See for a list of locations and professional reviews) I thought I had died and gone to heaven! The aroma, taste, and especially the texture of these chocolates were unlike those of any other gourmet chocolates I'd tasted before. These are definitely top quality chocolates. (Although I prefer dark chocolate, I sampled an assortment of milk and dark chocolates.) They literally melted in my mouth, without a hint of waxiness or chewiness. I could taste the butter, the cream, and the cocoa. The filling flavors (such as grand marnier truffle, vanilla butter cream, Gianduja, orange-flavored ganache, and cognac truffle) did not overwhelm the flavor of the chocolate itself, but perfectly complemented it.


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Last updated February 4, 2004.