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Ethel M Chocolates: Comments and Critiques

  • Taster I (neuroscience student)

    Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000


    I didn't know you had that chocolates and pralines website... I went there and was impressed. I realize you may need to do further research though :-) so I thought I would recommend Ethel M's chocolates. The chocolate itself is very good, but they excel with their fillings. The fruit filled have real fruit and not just flavoring, the alcohol ones are real, the creams are great flavors not just sweet. There is more information at and if you are visiting Las Vagas definitly take the tour. I really enjoyed it much more than the tour I took of the Hershey factory in Oakdale, California.


  • Taster J (government official)

    Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000
    Subject: Chocolate!


    Although allegedly harmless to eat, I believe it [wax coating] gives the chocolate a kind of "waxy" taste & texture, which gets in the way of the total chocolate experience (for me). Ethel M chocolates (out of Las Vegas NV, of all places!) is also pretty good but still uses a bit of the wax. Ethel M is famous for Liqueur fillings--some are better than others, but definitely worth a try. Can't get them everywhere & some states have outlawed them, so the next time you are in Nevada....


  • Taster L (The Weather Lady)

    Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001
    Subject: for your web page


    I took the tour of the Ethel M. Chocolates factory. The tour itself leaves a bit to be desired. It is a self-guided tour, and the day I went, none of the equipment was running, so I did not get to see the wonder of chocolate making. But there is a free sample at the end, which I used to taste one of their liquor chocolates (btw, you cannot get these if you are under 21). I chose the coffee liquor chocolate. The taste of liquor is VERY strong, it overpowers the taste of the chocolate. I also purchased some other chocolates, my favorite was the chocolate and nut covered toffee. Highly recommended. Off the topic of chocolate, another nice feature of going to the factory is the outdoor botanical garden tour, which was very interesting (desert plants, since the factory is in Las Vegas). I would recommend the trip to the factory and the tasty chocolates.


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