Predefined Color Maps


What do the predefined color maps look like?


Remember that all color maps are the same for color indices 240 to 255 and in general we only use color indices 16 to 239 in graphics like a filled contour plot. Still, in the chart below I show the color map for the full range of color indices (0 to 255). The first column is the name of the color map (the string argument for setcolormap). The numbers on the axis of the color bars refer to the color index; color index 0 is the color shown on the color bar from x-axis value 0 to 1, color index 1 is the color shown from x-axis value 1 to 2, etc.

NameColor Bar

The color bars on this page are to give a rough idea of how the color map looks; because of JPEG compression, the colors may look a little muddy. If you're interested in a specific color index, view its RGB values (or this list for color indices 240 to 255).

Notes: This discussion applies to CDAT 3.3.

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