About VCS Color Maps


What are color maps and how are they structured?


VCS knows how to plot colors based upon color maps. There aren't that many pre-defined color maps (the show command will list all available maps in memory), so you might have to make your own:

>>> import vcs
>>> v = vcs.init()
>>> my_cm = v.createcolormap('my_cm', 'default')

my_cm is a copy of the default color map.

Color maps are made of a dictionary of 256 colors. Each key (the "color index") in the dictionary is an integer from 0 to 255 [1]. Each color index refers to a 3-element list or tuple that gives the R, G, B values for the color referred to by that color index. The RGB values are given as percentages of intensity, and are integers from 0 to 100 (0 being lowest intensity and 100 being highest).

Color indices 240 to 255 are the same for every color map and are not changeable by the user; these indices correspond to the following RGB tuples (color names, unless obvious, are my guess from looking at the color on my screen):

Color IndexColor NameRGB Tuple
240White(100, 100, 100)
241Black(0, 0, 0)
242Red(100, 0, 0)
243Green(0, 100, 0)
244Blue(0, 0, 100)
245Yellow(100, 100, 0)
246Turquoise(0, 100, 100)
247Magenta(100, 0, 100)
248Orange(100, 50, 10)
249Brown(60, 30, 10)
250A Blue of Some Sort (5, 10, 67)
251A Kind of Olive Brown (50, 50, 0)
252A Very Light Gray (80, 80, 80)
253A Very Very Light
(80, 100, 80)
254Light Pink(95, 75, 75)
255Light Blue(60, 80, 100)

Color indices 0 to 239 are user changable. For instance, the following command makes color index 3 refer to brown in color map my_cm:

>>> my_cm.index[3] = [60, 30, 10]

The attribute index is the dictionary of the 3-element RGB lists/tuples. To set the value of a color index in the active color map, use the setcolorcell method:

>>> v.setcolorcell(3, 60, 30, 10)

which sets color index 3 to brown (RGB values of [60, 30, 10]) in the active color map. Tips on creating and using a custom color map can be found here.


[1]: All index ranges in this web page are inclusive unless otherwise noted. [Back to text]

Notes: This discussion applies to CDAT 3.3.

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