gemath: Summary of Bug Fixes, Updates, and Version History

This summary list of bug fixes and updates is arranged in reverse-chronological order.

Date Fix Date Description
03 Jun 2004 N/A Version 0.1.1 released. Adds include: interp, is_monotonic_decr, is_monotonic_incr, is_numeric_float, where_close. Fix to curl_2d's order1_spherical algorithm. Additional documentation and examples.
05 May 2004 03 Jun 2004 curl_2d's order1_spherical algorithm gives a spurious answer at the poles if pole points are included in the domain. Fix: If points at those latitude locations exist, set the output to a missing value.
17 Apr 2004 N/A doctest testing of docstrings on modules that use sphere produces different results between CDAT 3.3 and CDAT 4.0. See the manual's testing section for a discussion of the issue.
16 Mar 2004 N/A Version 0.1 released. This is the first public release.

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