atmqty: Module Listing

All modules in the package are listed below. The columns have the following information:

  • Module Name: Module name and link to the source code.
  • Pydoc: Link to the HTML documentation produced from the module docstrings by the pydoc tool.
  • Depend: Indicates which modules have package dependencies beyond built-in Python, Numerical Python (Numpy), and other atmqty modules; if the module has no such dependencies, the column is filled with "None". (A master list of package dependencies is in the download/installation section of the package home page.)
  • Proced: If a module contains only one public function that is designed to be used as a procedural function operating on Numeric arrays of atmospheric quantities, this column is "Y". Summary descriptions of the public functions of the modules with "Y" in this column are given here.
  • Description: Module description.

For a detailed description of the entire package, see the pydoc generated documentation for

Module Name Pydoc Proced Depend Description HTML N gemath1 Initialize package; define class AtmQty of atmospheric quantities. HTML N None Define class AtmConst of atmospheric constants. HTML Y None Calculate saturation vapor pressure over ice. HTML Y None Calculate saturation vapor pressure over liquid water. HTML N None Check whether a variable is a Numeric array of floating point type. HTML Y None Calculate mixing ratio. HTML N None Sets package version. HTML Y None Calculate pressure (given temperature and potential temperature). HTML Y None Calculate altitude given pressure (or vice versa). HTML Y None Calculate air density (including moisture effects). HTML Y gemath Calculate static stability. HTML Y None Calculate potential temperature. HTML N cdms,1 gemath Transform an AtmQty object from one domain to another. HTML Y None Calculate vapor pressure. HTML Y None Calculate virtual temperature.
Module Name Pydoc Proced Depend Description

1This dependency is required by a subset of functions for the module (see module documentation for details).

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