atmqty: Summary of Bug Fixes, Updates, and Version History

This summary list of bug fixes and updates is arranged in reverse-chronological order.

Date Fix Date Description
16 Jul 2004 16 Jul 2004 Version released. Minor release to correct a small error in atmconst: Instance attributes settings for sea_level_press and sea_level_temp inherited the class attribute values implicitly rather than explicitly. This should not have had any effect on use of the module.
03 Jun 2004 N/A Version released. Add mix_ratio, static_stability, and transform_AQobj modules. Add the P_surf and T_surf attributes to the AtmQty class. Add new object management and quantities calculation methods to AtmQty class. Add more documentation and corrected some documentation mistakes.
20 Apr 2004 03 Jun 2004 AtmQty alt method will not work for non-scalar P_surf and T_surf. alt fails noisily in this case, so there should be no problem with incorrect results.
13 Mar 2004 N/A Version 0.1.1 released. Add press2alt module. Add alt method to AtmQty class. Define atmospheric constants in AtmConst as both class attribute and instance attribute levels.
20 Feb 2004 N/A Version 0.1 released. No changes have been made in the source code, but there have been changes in package and documentation configuration and distribution.
17 Jan 2004 N/A Value of g in is changed from 9.81 m/s2 to the value used by the WMO to calibrate barometers (9.80665 m/s2).
22 Nov 2003 N/A Missing value default is changed from None to 1e+20.
20 Nov 2003 N/A First (well, essentially the first) public release.

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