IaGraph: Predefined Color Maps (ctindex)

The following color maps are defined for this package. To use them, just specify the color index in the ctindex keyword of contour:

Index Description
0 Black-white linear.
1 Blue-white: Dark blue to white.
11 Blue-red 1: Dark to light blue, then light to dark red; blue is color indices 16-127, red is 128-239.
13 Rainbow (violet to red, 390-680 nm)
43 Red-white: Dark red to white.
53 Rainbow (red to violet, 680-390 nm)
99 CDAT default color map.

Calling loadct without any arguments (i.e. loadct()) prints a list of all color maps available to the package.

To see what a color map looks like, use the plotct command: the color table index is its only argument. Thus, to see the rainbow color map, at the Python prompt just type:


Note that plotct overwrites any previously active VCS canvas.

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