IaGraph: Summary of Bug Fixes and Updates

This summary list of bug fixes and updates is arranged in reverse-chronological order.

16 Jun 2004 There is a substantial difference in rendering time if you close a window manually and then plot another plot vs. keeping that window open and plotting another plot into that existing window.
02 Jun 2004 N/A Version released: First version for use only with CDAT 4.0. Fixes to contouring routines. Add verbose flag to loadct and suppress informational messages when loadct is called by other procedures, changes in documentation.
20 Feb 2004 N/A Version released: Last version designed for use with CDAT 3.3. No changes in the source code, but changes in package and documentation configuration and distribution.
07 Feb 2004 N/A Limitation in ocontour: Because of a bug in CDAT 3.3, the case of overplotting a fill contour on top of a contour map does not work properly. This is fixed in CDAT 4.0. If you use CDAT 3.3 and make this type of overplot, be aware your plot will likely be incorrect.
07 Feb 2004 N/A Release package version 0.3: Add options to overplot x-y and contour plots, enable storing more than 1 active canvas (i.e. the functionality similar to the IDL WINDOW command).
09 Jan 2004 N/A Release package version 0.2.
23 Dec 2003 N/A Add ability to control plot symbol size in plot.
22 Dec 2003 09 Jan 2004 Even if you don't get a segementation fault when you try to do multiple plots, there's an object re-use problem in IaGraph. I'm trying to fix this.
20 Dec 2003 09 Jan 2004 VCS (in CDAT 3.3) gives a segmentation fault when you try to open multiple canvases. This behavior happens in IaGraph too: if you try to make more than one plot in a Python session, you'll get a segmentation fault. You can, however, manipulate the one plot you have made; thus, active2ps etc. work fine. This appears to be a problem with CDAT on my machine (it doesn't show up on other Linux machines and SGI; the CDAT team is trying to figure out what's up.
20 Dec 2003 N/A First (well, essentially the first) public release.

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