High Impact Learning

What Do We Do

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We are a tutoring and homeschooling consulting group. Specifically, we provide:

Who Are We

Dr. Johnny Wei-Bing Lin is the primary tutor and consultant for High Impact Learning. Dr. Lin graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Civil Engineering-Water Resources. After working as an environmental engineer, he returned to school and received his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from UCLA. He has decades of experience teaching undergraduate students. Topics he has taught include science, math, philosophy, and writing. He has worked for the Bellevue School District as a high school tutor and was a church youth group counselor for middle school and high school students. He is the author of The Nature of Environmental Stewardship (Pickwick Publications, 2016) and the lead author of An Introduction to Python Programming for Scientists and Engineers, (Cambridge University Press, 2022). Currently, he teaches in a computer science department at a primarily-undergraduate institution on the West Coast and is an Affiliate Professor of Physics and Engineering at North Park University in Chicago.

How to Contact Us

Email is the best way to reach us: [email protected].

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