Fortran 90 Routine: LAMBDA_LOG_DISP_WRAP main program wrapper

By: Johnny Lin

If you send me <[email protected]> your email address, I'll let you know of any major bugs that are found in this library.

Note date: 27 May 2002

This is a Fortran 90 main program wrapper to call the Fortran 90 routine LAMBDA_LOG_DISP, and provide hooks for the input and output of variable values through stdin and stdout. Because this wrapper is designed to be called by other routines (such as the IDL routine LAMBDA_LOG_DISP), the in-code documentation of I/O is not as complete as I usually make it, and thus you'll have to examine the code directly to see what order each input/output variable is accessed via stdin/stdout.

To create the main program, just compile using a Fortran 90 compiler on your platform of choice, using compiler flags of your choosing, of the two files:

No flags outside of the default settings were used for the pre-compiled binaries, i.e. the complier lines (after wildcard expansion) were:

The executables a.out were renamed lambda_log_disp_wrap_linux and lambda_log_disp_wrap_sun using mv. Thus, the pre-compiled binaries implicitly assume that numerical types (integer and real) are both 4 bytes long.