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  • Taster L (The Weather Lady)

    Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001
    Subject: For your chocolate web page


    I just finished the last delicious chocolate and the Weather Lady says...

    dark paver-nice smooth texture, a bit of a semi-sweet cocoa taste, in a word, delicious.

    mini grand marnier truffle-just the right amount of liquor taste (compared to the liquor chocolates at Ethel M. Chocolate, which, imho, the taste of the chocolate was overwhelmed by the liqour taste). Though I am not a huge fan of liquor chocolates, I thought this one was pretty great.

    praline-this was my favorite! It was a hazelnut praline, in a word, delicious.

    grenoble?-walnut-This was a dark chocolate, topped with a walnut filled with marzipan and dark chocolate. I am not a big marzipan fan, but this was pretty great.

    Overall, the Weather Lady gives 2 thumbs up. I am not a connoisseur, but I thought these chocolates had a nice texture and taste, quite delicious.


    [Note: This review was based on an unsolicited free sample from the chocolatier.]

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