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Chocolaterie Durig: Comments and Critiques

  • Taster D (climate scientist)

    Date: Thu Oct 31 2002
    Subject: Durig

    The packaging for this chocolate is quite deceiving: simple, unadorned, dare I say even inelegant? And the chocolates are jumbled inside, without nary a thought of placement and protection.

    But boy is this a case of not judging the book by its cover. The chocolates themselves are rich, creamy, gentle, sweet, and mild all at the same time. You can even smell them once you open the box. And the experience doesn't stop after you've swallowed the last yummy mouthful. As the taste sits in your mouth, new layers of flavor come out and show themselves. Now that is an amazing chocolate.

  • Taster E (software program manager)

    Date: Thu Oct 31 2002
    Subject: Durig


    i thought the flavor was full and round. outstanding!


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Last updated October 31, 2002.