Showing Available VCS Objects


How do you show what already defined VCS objects are available?


The show command will do this. As it is a method attached to a VCS canvas object, you have to first initialize a canvas:

>>> import vcs
>>> v = vcs.init()

The following lists all text-orientation objects currently defined:

***********************Text Orientation Names List*****************
(   1):            7botleft             7center         7centerdowm
(   4):           7centerup               7left             7leftup
(   7):                7rcc              7right            AMIP_cen
(  10):           AMIP_left          AMIP_right                ASD1
(  13):                ASD2              bigger           botcenter
(  16):             botleft            botright              center
(  19):            center10            center15            center20
(  22):            center25             center7        center_title
(  25):          centerdowm            centerup             default
(  28):         defcentdown           defcenter           defcentup
(  31):            defright                left              left15
(  34):              left20              leftup         mwbotcenter
(  37):                  qa                 rcc               right
(  40):             right10             right15            scatxlab
(  43):           topcenter           upbotcent
***********************End Text Orientation Names List*************

show can be used to list available graphics methods (e.g. isofill, scatter, continents, etc.), text objects (e.g. text-table, text-orientation), and templates. The argument for show is the method or object type "name" as a string, for instance:

ArgumentShow Displays
'colormap'Color maps
'fillarea'Fill area objects
'isofill'Isofill graphics methods
'line'Line objects
'xvsy' x(t) vs. y(t) plot graphics methods
'textorientation' Text-orientation objects
'texttable'Text-table objects

Notes: This discussion applies to CDAT 3.3.

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Updated: December 3, 2003 by Johnny Lin <email address>. License.