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Lin, Johnny Wei-Bing, 2019: Lecture Notes on Programming Theory for Management Information Systems, Bellevue, WA (self-published, 130 pp.).


These "lecture notes" were used as the textbook for my Autumn 2019 CSS 173 course, taught at the University of Washington Bothell. They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


5 Jan 2023: Since the lecture notes were first written, the fv function (described in the Python as a Basic and Business Calculator chapter) has been removed from SciPy. It is now in a standalone module called NumPy-Financial. The code for the module is all in one file. Unfortunately, you cannot use Anaconda Navigator to install the module (though you can use pip), as described in the NumPy-Financial web page. However, if you download the source code file (or copy-and-paste its contents) to a file in your working directory called, you can replace the lines in the book that say:

from scipy import fv


from numpy_financial import fv

and it all should work the same.